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Bharatiya Jyotish Shaastra
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Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram

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Sun Signs

Janma Nakshatra

One born in this Nakshatras have a symmetrical body (a perfect body), very attractive physique. They are courageous and heroic. They are soft spoken, sincere in dealings with others and clean hearted. They have the knack of dealing with others according to the occasion and situation. They are well known in social circle and usually found in the company of cultured people. They are God fearing, superstitious, and religious inclined. They are stubborn and ambitious.

They have scientifically inclinations, and interests in history, ancient cultures and astrology. They are also inclined to take up new assignments and cannot stick to any particular field of job for long time. They are always enthuastics and joyous by birth. They are intellegent and wise.

They generally take up professions like; publication, social & religious work, service in church, temples, advocates, advisers, bank officers, teachers, professors, astrologers, poets & writers.

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