Corresponding Period Of English Calendar
A r i e s 13th April to 14th May
T a u r u s 14th May to 15th June
G e m i n i 15th June to 16th July
C a n c e r 16th July to 16th August
L e o 16th August to 16th September
V i r g o 16th September to 17th October
L i b r a 17th October to 16th November
S c o r p i o 16th November to 15th December
S a g i t t a r i u s 15th December to 14th January
C a p r i c o r n 14th January to 13th February
A q u a r i u s 13th February to 14th March
P i s c e s 14th March to 13th April


You have great love for home and desire to cherish and protect others. You are capable and have great tenacity and faithfulness where affection is concerned. You are peculiar to yourself having more noticeable and distinctive characteristics, the principle being your conventional, yet at the same time attractive and displaying the idiosyncratic approach. You love to be noted and at the same time you appear to be unassuming and not anxious to come forward. You are economical, conservative, romantic, psychic and imaginative and until understood are a peculiar mixture of "shall and shall not" appearing contrary without the least intention of being so. This often make you peevish and fretful until you learn to control your mood. You are moody and very wavering and hesitating where feelings and sensations are concerned. You are soft and get touched by someone's need. You love home and that is the place where you feel comfortable and safe. No amount of money and love is enough for you and are easily swayed by emotions which affects you physically. You often fear financial difficulties or loss of someone whom you need emotionally. Your expertise and managerial capacity in accumulating money helps you to become affluent. 

Om Tat Sat

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