It's President Bush Now
'I ask you to be citizen,not spectators'

- The Hindustan Times dated 21-01-2001

Bush sworn in, pledges to lead a united States

".. It was an inauguration with unprecedented security steps, check points near the Capitol to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue parade route,....."

- The Sunday Times dated 21-01-2001

" From the foregoing analysis .......... Mr. George W. Bush is likely to get through ultimately." - Click Here To Read Full Prediction - Posted on 5th November 2000


Congratulations Mr. George W Bush !!!!!

Mr. Jitendra Prasad passes away
- The Times of India dated 17-01-2001

Rajamata Scindia passes away

Flash Prediction- A renowned person is in firing range of planets.

- Click Here To Read Full Prediction- Posted on 7th January 2001


An Astrological Study of India - Part - I
Dawn of Golden Era Begins

- Click Here To Read Full Text - Posted on 7th January 2001


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