Corresponding Period Of English Calendar
Aries 13th April to 14th May
Taurus 14th May to 15th June
Gemini 15th June to 16th July
Cancer 16th July to 16th August
Leo 16th August to 16th September
Virgo 16th September to 17th October
Libra 17th October to 16th November
Scorpio 16th November to 15th December
Sagittarius 15th December to 14th January
Capricorn 14th January to 13th February
Aquarius 13th February to 14th March
Pisces 14th March to 13th April
ARIES : You are unusually friendly, straight forward and fearless. You cannot tolerate injustice and can sacrifice anything to fight for the cause. You are very optimistic and determined person. You will often be at the top of the chosen carrier. You are happy talking about yourself and your plans, at the same time you are attentive listener too. Given choice of money or glory you choose glory. Frankness and honesty are your trademarks but you are short of patience. You enjoy doing favours but are deeply hurt, if your sincerity is not appreciated. You lack hypocrisy and greed. You like to be the head and dislike to serve others. You are quit competent to carry out your own plans and prefer to direct others and see them work out your ideas. You love change and desire to alter and renovate. You are more or less impulsive, head strong, self-willed and liable to go to extremes.


Om Tat Sat

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