Corresponding Period Of English Calendar
A r i e s 13th April to 14th May
T a u r u s 14th May to 15th June
G e m i n i 15th June to 16th July
C a n c e r 16th July to 16th August
L e o 16th August to 16th September
V i r g o 16th September to 17th October
L i b r a 17th October to 16th November
S c o r p i o 16th November to 15th December
S a g i t t a r i u s 15th December to 14th January
C a p r i c o r n 14th January to 13th February
A q u a r i u s 13th February to 14th March
P i s c e s 14th March to 13th April


You are sympathetic, powerful, commanding, self control, determined, generous, ambitious and faithful, having very deep emotions. You manifest an attractive and sympathetic nature unique in its power to feel and to harmonise yourself with others. You have inborn and inherent organizing ability, faith, trustfulness, believing all to be good and pure until found to be otherwise. You always aim very high and consequently your ideals are rarely realised. In some cases you are quite utopian seeking perfection in all things. You are rarely, if ever secretive preferring frank discussions. When much deceived or wronged you are apt to be proud, contemptuous but always magnanimous and forgiving. You are never introvert even if you would like to tell otherwise. You love to give free advice and tell others how to manage life. You are hurt when your wisdom or generosity is questioned.

Om Tat Sat

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