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Sun Signs

Transit of Jupiter in Cancer
(Predictions for one Year Starting From 5th July 2002)
General Predictions Based on Moon Sign

  • Aries:Expenditures will increase during the year while your income would not be commensurate. You would also have to spend much on your children. Avoid confrontation with your colleagues, friends and relatives. You are  likely to face false accusation, tensions, and loose your present position during this year.

  • Taurus:You would show lot of courage during this period. You are likely to face job  tensions, however would be able to earn sufficient for sustenance. You are likely to face obstacles in your undertakings. You would to wandering unnecessarily leading to fatigues. You should be ver very careful in dealing in contractual matters, since you are likely to be cheated.

  • Gemini:You are likely to gain wealth or get opportunities to increase your income during this period. Those in service are also likely to get promoted. One would also enjoys domestic happiness in plenty. Even birth of a child is also expected.

  • Cancer:You are likely to have a change of place during this period. You are also likely to have a most struggleful life in this period. Expenditures are going to sky rocket and would bereft of domestic happines. You are also fall sick in this period.

  • Leo:You are likely to be seperated from your family and disagreement with them is also not avoidable. Even loss of money or increase in expenses beyond means would be expected during this period.

  • Virgo:You are likely to aquire wealth and landed properties. those in service are likely to be promoted or would get better opportunities. You are also likely to take up certain community work or get associated with religious services. A best period to strat a new undertaking.

  • Libra:You are likely to be cheated in this period, a cautious approach in dealing with strangers is suggested. One of the family member is likely to be distressed in this period.You should also be careful with regards to your health and eye problems.

  • Scorpio:You would succeed in all your undertakings. You and your family would spend lot of time during this period in festivities and auspicious functions. A change of place is expected whether in your job or with respect to your place of dweling. Those of mariagable age will have a good news waiting for them.

  • Sagittarius:Jupiter would be transiting in eighth house for people born in this rasi. These native would be benefited financially during this period. Long journeys would also be benefical, but at the same time one should be careful to avoid accidents.

  • Capricorn:This period will bring domestic and conjugal happiness, marriage, birth of children, acquisition of wealth, properties, awards, prosperities. You would also help the needy persons.

  • Aquarius:This period will be quite frustating, for the fact that you would not achieve the expected results in your undertakings or the projects in hand. A lot of anxieties would engross you in this period. You are also likely be incur debts. In totality you would be down in spirits inspite of the best environment available.

  • Pisces:You are likely to be blessed with a child or get some benefits/ good news from them. You are likely to get all round success and prosperity in your undertakings/ projects and professions. Your areas of command would expand.

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