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An Astrological Study Of India
(Part - I)

Based On

Indian System Of Astrology (Vedic Astrology)
(Mundane Astrology)



India's Horoscope

India's Horoscope

The dawn of the 1st January 2001 has set in the process for the beginning of Golden Era for India, which would eventually placel this country as a World leader in all walks of life. All nation will look towards India for solace, guidance, sprituallism, friendship and peace.

My India was created at zero hours on the 15th August 1947. Its horoscope as above is analysed below:

Taurus (Fixed and Earthy Sign) rises at its formation (in the Sun's nakshatras of Krittika) with Pisces Navamsa. Exalted Rahu (also in Krittika Nakshatra) is placed in the lagna. Furthermore, Lagna and Rahu are aspected by Jupiter and Saturn from 7th and 4th bhava respectively, whereby promoting the beneficance of Rahu manyfolds. The luminaries and all the planets are enclosed on one side of Rahu - Ketu Axis, thus forming a dreaded Kalasarpa Yoga. As Rahu is heading towards the 12th house, Kala Sarpa Yoga is totally ineffective in casting its dreadfulness on the people of this country. The lord of the lagna is Venus (combust & in Ashlesa - Nakshatras of Mercury) is placed in Kendra in 4th bhava and conjoins Sun (4th lord - in Ashlesa Nakshatras); Mercury (2nd and 5th lord - Pusya Nakshatras); Saturn (9th and 10th lords - the yogakaraka - Ashlesa Nakshatras) and Pluto (in Ashlesa - Nakshatras).The combination of Saturn (Lord of masses, democracy etc.) and Sun (Lord of homeland & patriotism etc.) gives compassion, renunciation and deep interest for the welfare of the 'have nots'. Moreover, Saturn being lord of 9th, it is also a Bhadakapati. Inspite of the fact that various favourable yogas are presents as elaborated some of them above, the Saturn as Bhadakapati has potency to give struggle/afflictions as well. The Lagnesh has a shadbala strength of 417 (7 Rupas) (as shown in the table below). In the Ashtakavarga there are 44 benefic points in the Lagna (as indicated in the Table below), these factors gives the nation an exalted position and tallest stature among the countries of the world and to achieve immense growth and prosperity.

The Pisces Navamsa is rising at the time of the creation of India with Sun posited therein. Tha navamsa lagnesh Jupiter is placed in 3rd house in Taurus sign along with Neptune. Navamsa lagna is aspected by Saturn and Mars from 11th and 10th respectively. Venus is also in friendly navamsa of Capricorn placed in 11th alongwith it's dispositor Saturn and is aspected by Jupiter and Pluto from 3th and 5th respectively. Rahu is placed in 12th in the Navamsa.The Moon & Ketu are placed in sixth and Uranus is placed in 8th from the Navamsa lagna respectively. Mercury is placed in 9th in Scorpio sign.

The Gemini sign is located in the second house, whose lord Mercury is placed in Kendra in the 4th Bhava in Cancer sign. Lagnesh conjoins the Yogkaraka Saturn, 4th lord Sun, Lagnesh Venus and Pluto. All the four planets, viz., Saturn,Venus, Sun and Pluto, are in Ashlesa - Nakshatras of Mercury. Saturn and Mercury have exchanged their Nakshatra lordship. Second house has 19 points in the Ashataka varga and placed therein are Mars (12th and 7th lord) and Uranus. Second house signifies the economy of the nation. All these factors indicate that the economic policies of the country should be formulated to provide benefit of the masses. Any of the policies which are detrimental to the interest of the masses, would always fall flat on the faces of those policy makers. The greedy and unscruptuous people, business men, swindlers, politicians, nations etc., who would try to swindle with the economic affairs of the country would be severely punished by the dreaded malefics - The Mars and the Uranus. The planetary configurations, as above indicate that the Indian Economy would grow up utilising its own resouces and its people would prosper despite failures of certain short term measures.


Strength of Planets

Planets>> Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Shadbala>>> 463 395 496 407 294 417 315
Rupas >>> 7.7 6.6 8.3 6.8 4.9 7.0 5.3

Ashatak Varga Table



Benefic Points>>>

44 19 27 27 30 25 23 28 20 29 35 30

To be Continued


By - P R Chandna
Dated: 01/06/01 15:37 -0500


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