Corresponding Period Of English Calendar
A r i e s 13th April to 14th May
T a u r u s 14th May to 15th June
G e m i n i 15th June to 16th July
C a n c e r 16th July to 16th August
L e o 16th August to 16th September
V i r g o 16th September to 17th October
L i b r a 17th October to 16th November
S c o r p i o 16th November to 15th December
S a g i t t a r i u s 15th December to 14th January
C a p r i c o r n 14th January to 13th February
A q u a r i u s 13th February to 14th March
P i s c e s 14th March to 13th April


There are two distinct sides to your changeable personality. You can take yourself into and out of a situation with great ease. You can never be challenged to a battle of wits. You can do two things at once with less efforts than it takes others to do even the single one. Anything which catches your interest can easily side tracks others. Your versatility and facility of speech can make you a good politician. You can easily sway people from their most stubbornly held convictions. You are linguist. You are honest to a fault. You are never content with what you have. Hence money, fame, love and career are never enough for you. You have a brilliant sense of humour, tact and diplomacy but sadly lack persistence and patience. You are inclined towards intellectual pursuits, deeply interested in all educational works and live more in the feelings. You strive throughout life to overcome feelings. You are somewhat materialistic, ever hovering between belief and scepticism. You seldom finish one thing before commencing another. You are indecisive. You are also nervous, irritable, restless but possess the ability to see between both modes of manifestation.

Om Tat Sat

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