Corresponding Period Of English Calendar
A r i e s 13th April to 14th May
T a u r u s 14th May to 15th June
G e m i n i 15th June to 16th July
C a n c e r 16th July to 16th August
L e o 16th August to 16th September
V i r g o 16th September to 17th October
L i b r a 17th October to 16th November
S c o r p i o 16th November to 15th December
S a g i t t a r i u s 15th December to 14th January
C a p r i c o r n 14th January to 13th February
A q u a r i u s 13th February to 14th March
P i s c e s 14th March to 13th April


You are solid and steady and normally remain undisturbed. You seldom become impulsive. You keep perfect poise and generally remain contented, you are strongly attracted by opposite sex and generally prefer to attract people. Your emotions are activated in both love and friendship. Your brain calculates like lightening but final decisions are slow and careful. You are home loving and your loyalty and devotions of family and friends often surpasses understandings. You are stubborn and sit glued to your opinions. You are patient with dependable strength that can even move mountains, music always touches you and painting can become useful for you. You are much inclined towards, honesty and carefulness in speech and actions. You are competent to hold positions where dignity and self reliance are necessary. You possess the potent energies of will and desires often concealed and suppressed but when provoked pent up energy escapes with the force of an explosions. You are the most undesirable enemy.

Om Tat Sat

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