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Sun Signs

General Predictions
Based on
MOON SIGN (Janma Rasi)
Period from 30th July 2003 to 27th August 2004

ARIES (MESHA) It will promote happiness due to children, birth of a child, in case of marriageable age marriage of self, give success to children, bring emotional happiness, family reunion & get together, participation in religious ceremonies, short term financial gains through investments and will endow good health and status.
TAURUS (VRISHABH) Jupiter in this transit causes mental wanderings/ worries, unhappiness, false accusations, problems in domestic peace, professional matters and makes the person vulnerable to financial losses and loss of reputation. It makes vulnerable to serious accidents/mishaps and other health problems, problems to parents and involvement in scandals.
GEMINI (MITHUNA) Jupiter in Leo does not augur well for persons born in this Moonsign (Rasi). Financial and professional achievements are not commensurate with the efforts put forth. Travels will also be not fruitful. During this period change of place is also likely to take place. One needs to avoid traits of complacency towards own health. A renewed interest in matter related to spiritualism increases many folds. However cooperation from husband/ wife would be plentiful. Disputes with relations are likely.
CANCER (KARKATTA) Sudden gain of unexpected wealth during the year cannot be ruled out, but high expenditures cannot be avoided. You would be spending lavishly on appliances/ gadgets to increase your comforts and esteem. This transit bestows happiness through the birth/ progress of children, marital relationships, success in undertakings and good social status.
Achievements are not likely to be commensurate with the efforts and against hopes. Earnings would just break even during the year. Lots of struggles with exertions are anticipated during the year.
VIRGO (KANYA) Jupiter in Leo is in twelfth from the Rasi and thus gives obstacles in new undertakings/ ventures - which would be planned a plenty, change of place, grief, separation from family, loss of money and financial losses, avoid manipulations so that you are not trapped by serious losses. It may give long journeys with little benefits.
LIBRA (TULA) Jupiter in Leo is in eleventh from the Rasi and thus gives success in new undertakings/ ventures, promotions, bad debts would be made good, if of marriageable age would bring marriage, happiness through children, birth of children, and domestic happiness.
SCORPIO (VRISCHIKA) It causes problems in professional status, ill health, financial losses, betrayal by friends, mental tension,   change of places, danger to properties, scandals, and displeasures of superiors.
SAGITTARIUS (DHANUSH) It bestows all round good fortune and success, prosperity, promotions in service, new opportunities, business ventures, better status, auspicious functions,marriage, birth of child,  and happiness through the achievements of children.
CAPRICORN (MAKARA) Most of the time the transit of Jupiter in Leo does not augur well and causes, fatigue, ill health,grief and obstructions. It makes one vulnerable to loss of mental peace, dishonour, loss of status, and sudden losses in property matters and money. 

It bestows domestic and marital happines, marriage, birth of children, religious ceremonies & visit to pilgrimages, good health, financial gains through fresh business ventures.

PISCES (MEENA) This transit is not helpful due the bad placement ( i.e. in 6th House) in the Rasi Chart. It makes the person vulnerable to accidents and health, fear, mental tensions, anxieties,troubles from enemies, and professional problems.

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