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Astrological Predictions of India
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Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram

For Period One Year From March 2001

The planetary configuration on 25th March, 2001, at New Delhi on New Moon's day has been indicated as above. Present Dasa period is of Jupiter in the main period of Venus will be running till 6-07-2002. Due to the above planetary positions the following events are likely to fructify:

  1. The Sun being the Lord of the Year, exchanging nakshatras lordship with the Saturn (In own Navamsa) and is deblitated in navamsa, there would be loss to crop and the productions would come down. Diseases, epidemics, natural disaters, adulterated & contaminated medicines and weather vagaries would afflict the people.

  2. The lagna rising is the Pisces. The Jupiter, the lagnesh is in 3rd bhava aspected by strong Mars and retrograde Pluto from 9th. The Jupiter is in Rohini Nakshatras and placed in the exaltation sign of the Moon i.e. Taurus. The Jupiter exchages houses with Venus. It is in Aries Navamsa placed in 4th aspected by Sun (Deblitated) & Moon from the 10th. The 4th lord Moon (In Saturn's Nakshatras) conjoins, the Venus (3rd and 8th lord) - it's Nakshatras dispositor Vargottama Mercury is placed in 12th, and the Sun (The significator of the first house and 6th lord) in the lagna. The people of India would rise to the occassion in rebuilding the nation after the recent destruction. The erring officials, persons in authority and Ministers will be punished severly.

  3. National exchequers, stock exchanges, banks will be on tremendous strain. Inflation will sky rocket. The placement of Saturn in the Second bhava and aspect of malefic Ketu from tenth would slow down the economic progress of the country. The economic measures adopted would not fully achieve the targets set. The Economic indices will be unimpressive on the whole. New taxes will be imposed on number of occassions. Devaluation of rupee is also not unlikely. Inspite of tight controls the expenditures would increase. It will be an onerous task for the Finance Minister to strike a balance between the reveues and expenditures. The placement of Mars' Nakshatras dispositor Mercury in the twelveth indicates expenditures on hospitals, armed forces and on secret enemies. The Mercury is also aspected by malefics Rahu and Mars. The second lord Mars in its own sign in the ninth aspected by benefic lord of lagna and tenth - Jupiter is a silver lining in the dark cloud.

  4. Mercury signifies all means of communications and transport, general trade and and commerce and all matters related to business. It is the lord of lands, weather, mines, public buildings, crop & agriculture, opposition parties to government, foreign affairs, marriages, divorces and relations with other nations. Its placement in 12th and combined malefic aspects of Rahu and Mars, would destroy these significances. Due to epidemic, diseases the hospitals and hospital staff, doctors will be over strained and over worked. The splits in the opposition parties is imminent and cases of revolts and dissidences in parties will increase. The cases of divorces are also likely to increase in geometric proportions. Furthermore, it also signifies that the cases of thieving, forgery and crime against the children will increase. Officials of foreign embassies and diplomats will be invovled in a nefarious activity / scandal and would be deported. The country would experience an unprecedented hot weather.

  5. The third and eighth Lord Retrogade & powerful Venus is exalted but combust is strongly placed in the lagna. It conjoins Sun and Moon - the two royal planets. It exchanges sign with lagna lord. It is placed in 12th in Sagitarius Navamsa. It is in Revati Nakshatras of Mercury, who is vargottam. A land mark initiative is likely to be initiated in this period, which would eventually lead towards long term solution of the Kashmir problem. Many women and their organisations would come forward and participate in the nation building, governance, voluntary services, etc., and their role would be highly appreciated. Some of them will be rewarded nationally and internationally. Some of the reknowned women in the field of arts, culture, entertainment, media are likely to be distressed. The period around June- July 2001 people of Afghanistan, Tibet, China and Kashmir will come to grief.

  6. The role and contribution of the Vedic Astrologers to the society would be highly appreciated worldwide and many of them will be honoured and rewarded.



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By - P R Chandna
Dated: 02/01/01 11:01 -0500


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