Zinc Metallurgy

Zinc Metallurgy :

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Zinc is one of the strategic non-ferrous metal next only to Aluminium and Copper. It plays a very important role in country's economy and develoment. Modern life is inconceivable without zinc. It provides the most cost-effective and environmentally efficient method of protecting iron & steel from corrosion. By protecting iron and steel against corrosion , zinc extends its life, helps saving natural resources and energy .

Besides, its use in galvanizing of iron and steel, it finds applications in :

  • Die casting alloys, for automotive equipment and house hold appliances, fitting, toys, tools ,
  • Brasses, 
  • Dry cells, 
  • Agriculture, 
  • Chemicals, for tyre and rubber goods,
  • Pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and cosmetics etc. 

With industrial development in India , use of zinc has increased considerably, however, specific consumption is much lower as compared to other developing countries. 

The most important raw material for the production of zinc is sulphide ore from which zinc is extracted either through pyro-metallurgical route or through hydro-metallurgical-electrowin route. At present nearly 80% of the worlds production of primary zinc is through hydrometallurgical route the balance is through pyro-metalurgical route.
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